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prompted internal review of the shooting and the fbi's response. republic senator john cornyn of texas says releasing the results will reveal steps taken to prevent another attack in the future. jp morgan chase saying it could lose up to 7. a billion dollars from derivative trading debacle. up from the losses it reported just yesterday morning. ceo jamie diamond saying this whole mess has shaken the company to the core. is he now investigating whether traders covered up any additional losses. despite all this bad news. jp morgan did report a a billion-dollar profit yesterday for last quarter sending its stocks up 6% by the closing bell. more controversy surrounding team u.s.a.'s olympic uniforms. as you know there was a major uproar after it was revealed they were actually made in china. now the union family room's designer ralph loren is promising to manufacture in the u.s. but not until the winter olympics in 2014. that means our athletes will still be wearing chinese-made uniforms during opening and closing ceremonies at this year's games which begin in less than two weeks. those are you
. because of this, all kind of heat advisorsies posted from south dakota towards texas and louisiana today. this heat is going to stay here across parts of the plains. it will build in towards the east again but i don't think we'll be seeing the northeast ge were this last week. showers across parts of the plain. high pressure keeping all the moisture away from the plains and driving all the moisture to the north of that. parts of north dakota, south dakota and minnesota, drought not as bad. head to the south, it is extremely dry. it continues to look like for the next week to two weeks remain very dry. we have moisture moving in across parts of the four corners. that is good news. a little bit of a break in areas of utah. >> he made it out alive. a survivor in the adjacent movie theater when bullets came through the wall joins us to describe the terrifying scene in aurora, colorado. >> we look at the man behind these mass murders. what causes a person to go on a killing spree like this? we're going to ask we're going to ask dr. keith ablow. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. grea
plane belly flops on to it a texas highway after making emergency landing. the plane took off from fort worth airport started having engine trouble. it was forced to land on the service road. the plane was not damaged. amazing, those are your headlines. >> thanks, alisyn. check in with rick reichmuth now at the 30th annual balloon festival in new jersey. is rick up in a balloon yet or is it still too dark? >> not yet. it is light enough that the balloons aren't up yet. they are out getting their weather report to see how high they can fly today. we will be showing a lot of really cool balloons being set up here all morning lock. talk about the weather. weather is going to be a factor here in new jersey today. in fact we have big storms later on. take a look at the weather maps and you can get an idea what to talk about to start your day. temperaturewise, still warm across a the love the plains and the heat is going to be back. at least this morning not starting out all that hot excepts for phoenix 92 degrees. extremely warm there. here is that threat. baltimore, philadelphia, and knox.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)